Friday, November 22, 2013

Red Dramatic Eyeliner Arabic Makeup

 The Look we're going to be doing is.....Red Dramatic Eyeliner Arabic Makeup

I went for this extremely sexy eyeliner look with the unexpected red. Red definitely is not a color used much in makeup but, this one was definitely worked.

First start with your base, which is going to be the loreal gel liner on your crease then connect to the tip of your eye. That is next to the edge of your lash. It should be some what of a triangle. Smudge it thoroughly using the smudge brush from the coastal scents 22 piece set. Take a bigger blending brush and blend any harsh lines. Add more if you want to intensify it.

                                                     Next take the red in the sleek sunset palette and apply it on about 65% of your lid. Blend out and harsh lines again. Moving forward, take the dark black in the sleek caribbean palette and place it over your gel liner base. Make sure it's really dark in the outer part as you see in the picture. Go back to the sunset palette and pick up the buttery gold color which is next to the light blue.Apply that on the inner part of your eye as a highlight.

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Now lets to use my favorite palette, my beauty weapon from motives cosmetics. I used the color chocolate to tone down the black and it helped with smoother blending. I used ivory as a highlight for right under my brow bone.

To finish off the look, i drew my eyeliner above my lashes and had to find a easy way to draw the one below because it's very difficult. What i would recommend is that you're able to start from the middle of your eye and draw the inner point. Then go to the outer part and do the opposite of a upper wing. For example, when you create a wing, you pull your brush upwards but, when you do this eyeliner, you have to pull it down a bit. Not too much pressure on the brush but, just enough to soften it on the outer part.If you make any mistakes just use your concealer to clean it up a bit. I lined my waterline with the gel liner as well. Last but not least, i took the light cream color from the sunset palette and i put it between the lines that i had drawn. It just defines the line a lot better and brings out the contrast between the colors.

Put on your coat of mascara and i used the motives cosmetics #110 which are my personal favorites. I used motives cosmetics lash adhesive to apply it.

If you still have any harsh lines and wanna smoothen it out a bit, i used the royal care cosmetics 120 fourth edition to finish it off. 

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For my eyebrows, i used whitening lightening brow bar to fill my eyebrows. You can get a 70% off using the promo code fatmah.  Buy it here: Brow Bar To Go

I mixed Naked and Luxe from the my beauty weapon palette on my lips. I dampt on some blush from motives cosmetics called empress to warm up my cheeks.

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