Monday, November 11, 2013

Dramatic Light Blue Arabic Cut Crease

The look we'll be doing....dramatic light blue arabic cut cease 

Since 2 months ago i took a long break from doing makeup and i decided to finally start a makeup blog to give people a much better understanding. I'll be posting looks daily and i hope you all get inspired by my work. Let me know if you guys have any questions or you can request me to do a certain look.

So, let's start off my blog with this look i did yesterday. A soft light blue with black and a hint of a deep orange (it came off as pink on camera but, it's actually burnt orange color). To start off, you'll need the loreal gel liner.

To begin this look you'll first start off with the most unlikely product. The main reason why i did this is because i want to create structure and dimension. The darker color in contrast to the light blue will bring out the shape which in a way is like architecture. You're going to dark a black line all the way out using a slanted brush. Next grab a small smudging brush and smudge it quickly before the gel liner dries. If it dries it won't smudge smoothly and you'll have harsh lines. Once you shape it out, you're going to pull it all the way down under your waterline, where your bottom lashes are, and smudge it there as well. You'll also extend it closer to the nose area, outward. 

88 palette from coastal scents. A must have for any makeup fanatic! 

Buy the 88 original palette here: 88 original palette
Once that base is put on, you will start with the color 1 that i labeled and apply on about 60% of your lid space. The outer half will be covered with number 4, and 3. 3 looks lighter in the picture due to the lighting but it's actually much darker off camera. You'll apply both 3 and 4 on the outer part. You will extend color number 4 on top of the black base to darken it. Further more, you'll use number 5 and 6 to smokey out the top part of the base and give it a tint of brown so that you can apply color 8 as a highlight right under your brow. To the look off, you'll put color number 2 to highlight the inner tear duct and put color number 9 on the bottom of your eye to add a bold color. Now we'll move on to lining with a very thin liner and extending the liner all the way out. You need to make it as dramatic as possible in order to really keep going with the architecture. Lastly apply the gel liner on your waterline. You can use any liner that you have for this.

Buy the secret fantasies palette here:
Secret fantasies palette  
Color number 3 is from the secret fantasies palette by motives cosmetics. I love all the colors in this palette. Two darker color and 2 neutrals, one which i did use for this look. This palette is an essential i would say because you can pretty much carry it in your purse everyday. Just use the neutrals at daytime and the darker ones at night.

Color number 5,6,and 8 are from the "my beauty weapon" palette from motives cosmetics. 
 Buy the "my beauty weapon" palette here: my beauty weapon palette

When i was opening up this palette i was literally the happiest person on earth. I truly love the earth tones and the shimmery colors. I used the color C as my highlight by the way.

color number 2 is from the wet and wild "i'm getting sunburned" quad 

Buy motives lashes # 111 here: #111
 Top it off with a coat of mascara and lashes from motives cosmetics.I used these lashes. I love them so much! It looks very natural but it's good for this look because it tones it down without taking away from it. I applied it using the motives cosmetics lash adhesive. It's a clear glue which helps a lot because you won't need to apply liner over it. Only problem that i found was it's a bit shiny when it dries.

Buy motives lash adhesive here: Motives lash adhesive

For the lips i went with brilliant from motives cosmetics. This lipstick is just perfect for someone who wants color but nothing to overpowering. This is important especially when you place all the attention on the eyes, the lips are kept in the background. I love the warm pinkish, creamy color. It truly suites my lips perfectly.

Buy brilliant here: Brilliant

Now for the foundation i switched to this foundation just recently.  for 14 bucks it's not that bad really. It's very smooth, and the application is quite simple. One thing i disliked about it though is that there is a little grayish undertone to it. I found that quite unpleasant. Thankfully my motives cosmetics powder came to the rescue!
Buy motives powder in golden medium here: Golden medium

I applied using my fav face brushes from Royal care cosmetics.
These brushes make the application quite simple. 
Buy black kabuki brush set here: Black kabuki brushes
I used the flat top brush for foundation and the slanted brush for contouring. The bigger dome brush was used for blush and the smaller one was to blend out the harsh lines.  

 Speaking of blush, love! love! love! this blush from motives cosmetics called runway.  It's a deep peach with a brunt tint which gives your checks some warmth. The warmth you'll need just to set your face on fire, haha just kidding but, really one of my new favorite blushes for sure. 
Buy runway here: Runway

Moving on,  let's get to highlighting and contouring. I used the second concealer on the first row as my highlight (starting from the left side) I then decided to experiment and see what would happen if i contoured with a concealer; something i've never done before. So used the darkest concealer in the palette and missed accomplished.
Buy the camouflage concealer palette here: Camouflage concealer palette

Just the perfect highlight and contouring for this look. That tint of warm peach is truly beautiful and stands out on camera.

Go over the concealer with this powder, bronzer, and contouring palette from motives cosmetics. It gives your face definition so that each area really pops out. For example if you highlight an area, this powder will set it, and if you contour it'll bring it out and darken it. This is another essential piece from motives cosmetics because you can take it anywhere and put it anywhere. You can use it for light contouring or for a more dramatic contouring, which ever works best for you.

The three shades
contour, bronze, and highlight.
Buy contour compact here: Contour compact

Now for my favorite after the eyes...the brows!! Whitening lighting really did well with this brow bar to go. Love it! It's so convenient because you can easily carry it around. It has a darker powder which i used for the arche, and then a light color for the inner part of the eyebrow. I use the lighter color because you should never take the darkest color and place it in the inner part of your brow. It's way too harsh and very unappealing. Lastly i used the wax to tame my bushy eyebrow hairs. I also want to admit i put a concealer over my brow to make it even lighter because whenever you do a super dramatic look  or just in general if you have very dark eyebrows never ever put black eyeshadow on it. I always lighten mine so that it doesn't overpower the eye makeup. Just a fine tip ;)

The brow bar to go open.

Buy the brow bar here: Brow bar to go
DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE PROMO "Fatmah" to receive a 70% discount ;)

Lastly, some of the there brushes i used. This is the brush i highlighted with. I also highlighted my cupid's bow with. This brush is from coastal scents.

The rest of my coastal scents 22 brush piece kit
Buy the 22 piece brush set here: 22 piece brush set

I've linked where to buy the products, please let me know what you guys think. My first makeup blog post :) I hope you all like it.

Motives cosmetics 


  1. Wow... I love your Arabic inspired looks...

    Well done... So glad you have set up a blog... Would be great if you would follow me back

  2. Hey, just to confirm that you use the black kabuki brushes and the 22set brush kit from coastal scents. I'm from uk and recently just got into makeup etc and want to try it out so want to buy good brushes!

    1. Hi, yes i used the black kabuki brushes from royal care cosmetics and the coastal scents 22 peice set.

  3. Are these the brushes you use or do you use any others? I follow your Instagram and your deffo an Inspiration

    1. yes i use this on myself only. thank you sweetheart!

  4. Thank youuuuuuu :D will order them tomorrow, sucks that shipping costs so much :(

    1. No problem. I got mine in a deal with the 88 original palette, the concealer palette, blush palette, and 22 piece brush set for about 50$ all together. It was on sale.

  5. Omg that's so good!! Hopefully they will do a deal like that again soon, it's just shipping cost is crazy. :(

    1. Inshallah. :) Let me know when you do.

  6. Yeah will do :) I saw their limited edition combo sale this week but it's the shimmer palette, blushes and concealer. I will just wait for the limited combo sale again, I'm in no hurry to get it :) x

  7. I ordered the coastal scents brushes, 88 original palette, blushes and camouflage palette. Was on the combo sale like you told me about. Can't wait to get them ☺️