Monday, November 11, 2013

Envy green with gold glitter Arabic makeup

I love the color green but it's definitely not my favorite color. With that being said, don't be discourage if you have the same problem. In terms of eye makeup though, it's one of my favorites.

The look we're going to be doing....Envy green with gold glitter Arabic makeup

I put together a pictorial for you guys! My first pictorial actually. You'll learn the step by step process.

First start off by applying a base. In this case i used the loreal gel liner as my base for the darker color. I need to create dimension even though it's a very dark smokey look.Next i took a concealer from the coastal scents camouflage palette and placed that on the area where i didn't apply the base gel liner. Through out this process you will need to blend a lot so make sure you have good blending and smudging brushes. 

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Next Take the "late night" quad from motives cosmetics and apply the envy green color over the black base. I really love this color. The pigmentation is very nice as well so it doesn't fade. Blend it very well and make it as intense as you would like. 

Buy the glitter "pot of gold" here: Pot of gold
Moving forward, you'll apply the glitter "a pot of gold" from motives cosmetics. Apply some lash adhesive to the area where you put the concealer. Afterwards, just wet your brush with a little water, and pick up some of the glitter.Shake off the extra glitter. Next apply some gel liner on your water line and right under it. Smoke it out like crazy as i showed in the picture in step 5. Apply another layer of gel liner again on there but, this time don't smoke it out as much and make sure to keep it towards the top so that it's more intense there. Lastly, apply your eyeliner, mascara, and lashes. I used the motives cosmetics 110 lashes. These lovely lashes do add a statement to the look and it really brings it together. 

The beautiful headpiece is from Aniiqcouture

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