Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Neutral Arabic Wedding Makeup

The look we're going to be doing is.....Neutral Arabic Wedding Makeup. 

I got asked by so many people to do a wedding makeup look.So...i decided to create an arabic version of wedding makeup but, thats more neutral because i know most arabic wedding makeup is so bright and too over the top. This look is sophisticated and even if you're not getting married you can still follow along and do it :) The Jewelry is from T's Jewelry

Start with the royal care cosmetics black gel liner and create a cat eye wing on just the outer part of your eye. Next smudge it right away by using a smudge brush from the coastal scents 22 piece set. Draw the eyeliner all the way under your lashes as well but don't create the inner point just yet. We'll do that at the end. Place the black eyeshadow from the coastal scents 88 original palette over the smudged gel liner to set it.Take the color chocolate from the my beauty weapon from motives cosmetics and apply that on the crease and on about 40% of your lid. Make sure everything is blended well including the gel liner. Next, take the color gold in the my beauty weapon from motives cosmetics and wet your brush a bit then apply it on your lid and blend all the harsh lines  with the rest of the eye shadows. Afterwards, take the concealer from the coastal scents camouflage palette and apply it right under your brow bone. Then, with color ivory from the my beauty weapon from motives cosmetics put it over it in order to set it.. Now you will need to create the inner point eyeliner and over your top lashes as well. Don't forget to apply it on your water line. Define it with the royal care cosmetics black gel liner. Top the look off with a coat of mascara from motives cosmetics and apply the #111 lashes from motives cosmetics. You're done!


  1. Nice post! What a gorgeous neutral look! I have a lot of the products & can't wait to do my friends wedding makeup!!! You are a beautiful soul:-) Thanks for sharing..

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  2. I love your blog

  3. You are GORGEOUS mashallah do you have a youtube account ?? Please make one xxoo

  4. planning on attempting this, wish me luck! xx

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING! I can't take my eyes of you and your talent!